About DirtBag

Note from our founder, Teddy Kahn:

Whether heading to the local break with boards strapped to the roof of my car, or venturing to far out places with board protection at the top of my mind, experience has taught me that the right gear is the difference between an epic trip and epic disappointment. 

After years of chasing waves around the globe, broken boards, missed flights, and rooftop-strapping fails, I started building board bags to help me thrive in chaotic environments. 

The DirtBag is a manifestation of what I, and our team of engineers and product testers, have learned from experience getting to waves near and far. 

Numerous prototypes later, we’ve finally built the ultimate surf bag and are psyched to share it with the surfing world.

What's behind the name?

We are deeply inspired by the dirtbag ethos. Dirtbags are a special breed of people who are so driven to follow their passions for action sports that they sacrifice anything that doesn't provide for more time doing what they love most.

The term originally comes from rock climbers who lived in caves and had no real jobs or steady income, but who found ways to dedicate themselves to their passion for the outdoors.

The term is well applied to surfers who do the same thing. Dirtbags invest in their passions. They depend on reliable, well built gear.

This relentless dedication to action sports and great gear defines the DirtBag Supply Co.