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There’s an age-old debate in surfing about what's considered a perfect wave? Is a perfect wave hollow and punchy, providing the tube rides of a lifetime but not the occasional guillotining? Or does a perfect wave peel endlessly and offer a blank canvas to surfers who can draw whichever line they see fit for hundreds of meters

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With most of the major swells that we surf at our home breaks and around the world originating close to the poles in freezing water, it’s only logical that surfers would begin to look for waves closer to the origin of swell in uncharted territory. Both the West and East coasts of the United States are riddled with crowds, but as you work your way further north, the crowds dwindle, especially when temperatures plummet.

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Summer is just around the corner, which means swell season in Central America is fast approaching. As the southern hemisphere begins producing consistent south swells, the draw of uncrowded peaks, warm water, world-class fishing, and ice-cold post-surf beers intensifies.

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